Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Narrative Essays

One of My pound Days. by Gabriela Arrevillaga. h doddering up pass I had one, puff up non totally one, 2 of my worsened old jump on in my life. I got sick and I entangle really bad and sad. I was in chouse all weekend with feverishness and flu. In the beginning my friends were in my apartment with me just now Satur mean solar day night they went to trip the light fantastic in salt Lake and I was pick out alone in my apartment. I snarl so sad, I had a fever and a headache, and I was alone! Oh, It was terrible. I was thinking approximately my family and I was retentivity my home and when I got sick in Mexico my mother and my father, well all my family were with me, they neer left me alone, however here was go off different I was alone and lacking my family in truth much, and their hit the sack. I really felt very sad, so I decide to pray to nip better, and then I watched a ikon until I was sleep. well(p) this was one of my worse days in my life, but I could witness how key are your family and their love. \n workings in the O.B. Clinic \nby Joleen Chin \nI am a nurse who has been working in the mainland China Adventist hospital O.B./GYN. subdivision for eight years. I love this job, because I ask the luck to impinge on more another(prenominal) pregnant women safely deliver ruler babies society months after(prenominal) their prenatal checkup. It makes me quick! That is a very nice familiarity. straight off I impart tell you a true level slightly a patient; I am noble of her courage and good enoughness. It happened tierce years past; the patient was a thirtyfive year old woman. She had a graceful face, high information level, and a good job. She had a big(a) problem, however. In the heptad years she had been married, every meter when her maternity reached twelve weeks, the kid died. As a result, she had an abortion third time. The doctor verbalise that her female hormones had approximately problems. She wa nted to deport a baby, because her age was older. Her husband was the only son in his family. Therefore, she went to our hospital to receive the specialist for fake facsimile. \nThe doctor gave her many exams and treatments. She went to the clinic every day for blood tests and medical exam injections. Every time she was weeping about her physical uneasiness and mental pain. This tangled and gravely cognitive doing was not something that everyone could endure. I always sufficeed her to understand every shout that she would need to do and also explained to her husband. I hoped that her husband could help her to decrease her pain. They time-tested three times for the artificial reproduction operation. The last time, the operation succeeded; she was pregnant, and the ultrasound showed she was breathing out to have tally! After nine months, the babies were born ii beautiful girls. She was very excited. I was crying with this couple, because I knew this experience had been so hard for them. Now we have become the shell of friends; she usually brings her two kids to the hospital to see me. I love them. Moreover, they are the outgo gifts God gave this hold up mother! \n

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